Start working from home 

Given the massive expansion of Herbalife International, now more than 90 countries, we have the vacancy for people who want to work as a coach. 

Do you know someone who: 
  • Wants to earn extra part time or full-time income, 
  • Wants to build a serious Business
  • Is at least 18 old 
  • Also 65 + ers are welcome 
  • Can work independently 
  • Likes to to organize his own working hours 
  • Has 10 hours a week time to invest
  • Likes to take part in trainings 
  • Understand the English language
  • Wants to have a lot of fun

Earn extra income?
For many years We inspire people to use daily better nutrition, sportsnutrition and Skin Care products as a customer or Member of Herbalife.
Given the huge growth of Herbalife worldwide from 6.4 billion in 2012 to 7.5 billion in 2013, we are looking for more people in 
this region who want to work as a coach. Everyone is welcome, from 18 to 80+ years, regardless of education, background, 
current job or financial situation. New coaches are trained internally, online and on-the-job.
As Herbalife Member you enjoy wholesale benefits 25%, 35%, 42% and 50%, without any purchase obligation. 
You have the possibility to earn extra income by helping other people with their vitality, weight, sports performance and encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. 
There are now more than 2.3 million active Members in 90 + Countries. 
At various locations our team of coaches organize for example the Weight Loss Challenge, (Sport)Nutrition and Skin Care workshops, Tastings, Fitclub, Bootcamp, Member trainings.
Work full-time or part-time, or in your spare-time besides your existing study, job or business. Do you speak more than one language? 
Do you know people abroad? That is an advantage, however, not necessary. It is now a good time to start! 
Come to a free introduction or start immediately as a Member of Herbalife. Send an email to: or 
call us: +31 346 - 56 50 24 and leave a message. We will call you back! 
For more info, go to:  or start direct with a Herbalife information and starter pack called Herbalife Member Pack HMP