Step 1:Herbalife Member Pack HMP Herbalife Startpakket via

Order Your Herbalife Member Pack HMP  
For a small amount you can order your "Herbalife Member HMP package" This starterpack contains information about Herbalife International and Formula 1 Vanilla Nutrition. You will receive your own login number that gives you access to a lot of Wholesale benefits. For this HMP is your identity document (identity card or passport) needed This package gives no obligation to order products! It does provide access to lots of information and the training. There is asked a small fee for this HMP information pack. The amount and content varies from country to country. For the price and content. call: +31 346 - 56 50 24. We call you back.
Go to  and use the sponsor numberID: 28093654 and the letters MEU.

Step 2
SMS “START-UP” to +31-6-52668137. Then we will call you back for your start-up, next step and will answer all your questions.

Step 3:
Find out all the information that is included in the website. MyHerbalife 
We like to give you a virtual tour.

Step 4
You can already participate in many fun activities such as the Fitclub, Herbalife Style evening, GET Together Training, Weight Loss Challenge, Skin Care Club, FITchallenge and much more in the Centre of The Netherlands, . We are happy to tell you about the possibilities! and bring all your friends along!